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Title:  Spaces between the Clouds

Date:   2020

Type:   Curatorial

Stat:   Ongoing

What does it mean to hold space for someone? What does it mean to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually present for someone, especially when they have dementia? 


Spaces Between the Clouds charts an artistic meditation on aging and what it means to accompany someone through the vagaries of weather and mood. As we enter the Tuesday and Thursday afternoons of seniors and their caregivers at Dementia Singapore, we learn to navigate moments of uncertainty and exhaustion, playfulness and bursts of song. As our conversations and hands travel over old photographs and indigo dye, water-worn textiles and sun-lit cyanotype prints, we start to realise how holding space necessitates a paradoxical dance of providing support as well as distance. Over the course of the project, we think about how necessary it is to create and recognize moments of beauty for each other, no matter how delicate or fragmented, as we try and learn to meet each other again.

Spaces between the Clouds is a participatory art project initiated by artist Mintio in collaboration with Dementia Singapore

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