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Title:  The Welcome Feast

Date:   2019

Type:   Research, Curatorial

Stat:   Completed

A grandfather tells a bedtime story; 

A mother shares her favourite recipe; 

A child whispers a song she half-remembers.


Our story begins at a welcome feast as our ensemble of characters prepare to welcome a stranger into their community. Each dish is accompanied by a story, a story that has travelled far from home. As the stories are passed around the table, the community realizes that each re-telling holds the history of the welcome feast.

Led by INARTS Collective, this multicultural performance was devised together with participants across community groups, immigrant associations, and schools in Singapore. Over the course of 5 months, participants from Peranakan Sayang, Hua Yuan Association, Kumudra Myanmar Arts and Cultural Association, Thai Dance Society, University of Philippines Alumni Association, Sembawang Indian Activity Club, met for the first time and went through a series of movement, music, prop, and improvisation workshops that facilitated the sharing of their own experiences, memories, and histories. As the performers came together, we explored how cultural identities are as much a dialogue between tradition and contemporaneity, as they are forged from interactions between different communities. 

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